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Here Be Camelot Dragons: A Collection

A collection of wonderful plush Camelot dragons made by other people from the pattern for my original:

All pictures posted with the permission of each dragon-maker.

Newer dragons are towards the bottom of the page!

mydoctortennant's multicolored dragons:

See this post (scroll down to comments) for her description of her dragons

Pam Schmidt's jewel-studded real leather dragon:

Visit her Etsy shop, where she has more leather dragons for sale using these patterns (with permission)

TeaberryToes' two-toned dragon, done with an enlarged pattern:

Piccolo's sparkly trio of dragons from Game of Thrones:

Thanks everyone!

Got a dragon to add? Just let me know.

The pattern is available at my Etsy shop.

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Tags: dracones, merlin, my crafts, sewing, toys
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