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December 14th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
::points to new icon::

This lovely thing is an art marble by James Alloway. Check out his site; it's full of beautiful and intricate marbles, gazing balls, bowls, and other glass creations. The bidding for these can shoot up pretty fast, but for now as a penniless marble-fancier I can just look, and sigh...

* * *

Am doing some housecleaning, and cursing my packrat tendencies. The stack of stuff I've accumulated from ten years of con-going--and I'm talking flyers, badges, party favors, etc., not stuff I actually purchased--is pretty darn big. Especially considering a couple of years ago I went and purged about a third of the stack, putting anything with names/addresses through the shredder. And considering I've pretty much stopped picking up flyers in last couple of years as well. Where does all this come from?

* * *

Wha...? Prison Break gets a Golden Globe nom for Best TV Drama, while House does not? Look, PB is quite clever, but suffers from some pretty big implausibilities. As does House, but the difference is that PB's implausibilities tend to involve having their characters make repeated bone-headed decisions in order to further the plot. House? Not so much.
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