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November 18th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
How much do I love the internet? Today I happened to have a passing thought about something that I haven't thought about in years...a certain candy mint that I once bought a box of when I vacationed with my family as a kid in Europe. I couldn't remember the brand name or even what country we were in when I bought it. It was fifteen years ago.

So I googled "mints pink green" and voila! Two seconds later, I had it. Holland Mints. They're even in a little square box like when I bought them, though the box's design is different now (the box was paper, not plastic, but the shape is the same, as is the notion of having windows to show the candy through), and they've added a pale purple to their mint colors. Ironically, the company seems to be US-based, making me wonder if it's exactly the same as what I bought fifteen years ago, but it's pretty darn close if not.

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