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November 14th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I was out of town this weekend, so am still catching up with LJ and the f'list. And sleep.

I put TDD on hiatus yesterday, and am not terribly happy about having to do so. If I take into account all the chapters that exist in draft form, this will be the longest fic I've ever written--possibly not much for you NaNoWriMo folks :-) but a personal milestone nonetheless. I've spent so much time on it already that setting it aside is really very hard to do. It's been coming for a while, but I kept hoping I could delay it. Plus, I hate leaving readers hanging. (So much for my "I won't post WIPs anymore" credo. At least in this case it's not due to writer's block, for whatever that's worth.)
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