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November 8th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Grr, ff.net, why must you torment me so? No luck updating TDD over the weekend, so I tried again just now. It only took me a bazillion attempts, thanks. I actually told myself that I'd try one final time to submit the chapter, and if I didn't go through I'd give it another two days before trying again. But lo and behold, I guess the seventeenth time's the charm.

I'm sorry to see all the stats got reset, though. That's a handy feature.

* * *

Missed Hugh Laurie on Craig Ferguson last night :-(

Had I but world enough and time, I could've gotten through House S1 before it was due back at the library; I only managed "Babies and Bathwater," "Detox," "Histories," and a few of the special features. At the rate people are checking it out, it'll be a month before I can get it again...
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