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October 28th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
My friend just wrote me that her comments about Planetarium got quoted on the official site. Yay!

Speaking of which, I can't believe I've gone this long without reccing that site here.

If you've never tried Planetarium before, hie thee over there immediately. It's a non-linear story and a set of varied puzzles, and it's mind-bending, elegant, amazingly intricate and astonishingly beautiful.

It works like this: you go to the site and register (for free, and there are no catches whatsoever--I did this a few years ago and can attest to it). That will set you up with an account and unlock the first part of the story/puzzle. You read it, solve the puzzles if you can or want, and then every week for the next twelve weeks, you're given the next instalment when you log into the site. At any time before the twelve weeks are up, you can go back and re-access any earlier part and change any of your earlier answers.

At the end, if you've gotten the answers right, they fit together to solve a bigger puzzle, and you get the ending of the story.

There are word puzzles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, all woven into the story. It'll make your brain leak out your ears. The site was created in 1999 and I've still never seen anything else like it today.

Planetarium: intelligent and thought-provoking!

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