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October 20th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
T minus one day until ZCon. In any other year I'd be on may way there now, but family obligations come first.

Got a note from Amazon saying my order shipped yesterday. The original delivery estimate of 10/29 still stands, but hopefully it won't actually take that long.

Impulse purchase of the day: Blood Drips on Newsies Square. I've actually been looking for this for a while now, but the site was down for some time. I was thinking earlier about getting Equilibrium and Newsies on DVD, but those have just been squarely booted into next month's budget instead.

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Man oh man. You know you've been away from it for quite a while when you look at the Huggys ballot for fandoms you used to voraciously read, and realize you don't recognize a single fic or zine. Not a one. (Artists, writers, and publishers, yes, thankfully. But none of the specs.)

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