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October 9th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Waiting for my friend to get some free time before I go see the new Wallace & Gromit...probably not 'til next week. And I'm probably going to regret not picking up a toy at BK today...

I got happy just listening to the opening music when I watched the Soccamatic short over at the BBC site this morning. The site implies that there are more of these shorts, but where oh where?

ETA: Ah. That explains it.

* * *

Saw Serenity just the other night; not entirely sure what to think of it yet. It was better than I expected and I definitely give it a thumbs-up and highly recommend it, but there are some bits of it I'm still grappling with. I saw it with two other friends who had never seen the series before, and they enjoyed it as well.

Current Music: "In Your Eyes," Peter Gabriel

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