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September 30th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I've been reading this site for years and it's never occurred to me to rec it: Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension, a site "devoted to the savoring of films at the very bottom of the Cinematic Bell Curve." Perhaps it's an extension of my MST3K love, but its systematic skewering of cheesy black-and-white monster movies and recent cinematic mishaps alike is a hoot. Not to mention eye-opening. Oh sure, once in a while you'll come across a rare erroneous fact, but not only do you get some interesting moviemaking history (like the reasons behind the rise and fall of '70s era star-studded "disaster" epics), but you also get a real feel for common movie pitfalls (audience manipulation, lazy character writing, and the wide-ranging IITS (It's In The Script), to name a few).

In particular, don't miss the savaging of Patrick Swayze's Roadhouse or the analysis of the deterioration of the Jaws series (scroll down).

* * *

Rented Flight of the Phoenix (2004) the other day. Despite the fact that it has four big things going for it from the personal interest standpoint of yours truly:

1. Hugh Laurie
2. Mirando Otto
3. Giovanni Ribisi--as an airplane designer no less!
4. The building of a prop plane

...it took me over a week to finish watching it, and I watched at least half of it on FF. An unappealing group of characters, mostly, despite the strong cast...and how does a movie with such short choppy scenes manage to drag quite so much?

Ah well. I will say this, though: it's got a fun soundtrack, and beautiful photography.
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