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September 14th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Just discovered that, according to wordorigins.com, "shit" was not used as an interjection until the 1920s.

Whoops. ::quietly deletes it from her still-unpublished fic::

Speaking of which, I can probably get away with putting up Chapter I at this point. I've still made recent changes as far back as Chapter II (I'm currently in the middle of XVII, and a bit stuck), but Chap. I seems to be pretty stable.

* * *

Haven't been on LJ in days. All last week it was inaccessible through my usual computer for reasons unknown. Seems to be fixed as of today. Withdrawal symptoms slowly fading.

* * *

I'm spoiler-phobic, so avoiding Serenity promos as much as possible.

Prison Break got back in my good graces with their latest episode yesterday. Still requires suspension of disbelief, but I'm willing to go along with it.

Taped tonight's House but haven't seen it yet. It was fantastic to see Hugh on Regis yesterday, even if they only had him on for all of six minutes or so. I'd just turned off my TV and stepped out of my room when what should I hear from the TV downstairs, which was also on, but Regis introducing Hugh. Cue me to run back in and fumble for a blank tape. Whoo.

Current Music: "Honey I'm Home," Shania Twain

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