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September 1st, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
CNN reports:

A police officer working in downtown New Orleans said police were siphoning gas from abandoned vehicles in an effort to keep their squad cars running, CNN's Chris Lawrence reported.

The officer said police are "on their own" for food and water, scrounging up what they can from anybody who is generous enough to give them some -- and that they have no communication whatsoever. Police also told CNN they were removing ammunition from looted gunshops in an effort to get it off the streets.

Full article here.

My deepest sympathy goes to the victims of Katrina, but my heart goes out to the emergency and rescue efforts as well.

Also via CNN: Network for Good, which has a page set up for Hurricane Katrina relief. I have not used this site before and cannot vouch for it, but this page has links to a large number of charity sites and at the very least it is a good jumping-off point.

Also, I posted this link last year, just after the tsunami: the Better Business Bureau has a list of charities on their National Charity Report, but you have to check each charity individually. They also have a page on Hurricane Katrina in particular.
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