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August 29th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
So I'm flipping through one of the books I'm using for my fic research last night, and I turn to a historic photo I've seen several times before. Since it has only indirect relevance to the subject of my fic, I've never studied the photo closely. But this time, a minor detail off to one side of the photo catches my eye, and it seems to indicate, quite clearly, that there's a slight but crucial geographical error in my fic. It's a geographical detail that I haven't been able to find many specs for, so I thought I could safely make an assumption. But nooo...

I pick up a map, draw lines, tilt it, squint at the photo some more, and try to convince myself that maybe it's some sort of optical illusion, that maybe you can't wholly trust perspective when taken through a camera lens in the late nineteenth century. But no. I think the photo's right. And it scuttles about three chapters of my story, dammit.

Heh. Now I have to decide if I...

...whistle innocently and pretend I never saw the photo, and hope that few others have? After all, it might be kinda obscure, and the detail in question isn't the subject of the photo.

...go back and revamp three chapters? Gaahh.

Current Music: "Stuck In The Middle With You," Bob Dylan

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