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August 9th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Rented Big on a whim last night, mostly to see David Moscow.

I recall renting this movie shortly after it came out on video, although it's strange: the visual memory I have of sitting on the couch watching this movie does not actually correspond with the time of its video release. That is, I would have watched it around 1989, and the house that I was living in at the time is not at all the one in my memory.

What is probably more accurate about my memory is recalling that I was bored silly by this movie.

And I still am. I don't get it, I suppose. A big deal was made about its whimsy and charm when it came out, but I found, and still find, the movie just plain off-putting.

The cast is for the most part likable in their efforts here; I have no beef with them. The script is a different matter. Sure, it's kind of cute, but the two biggest plot mechanisms, when you boil them down, hinge upon the themes of child abduction and statutory rape...played for laughs. I get that it's a fantasy and I like fantasy just fine, thanks, but somehow I just can't stomach this one.

Am I just missing something?

(I do have to say I was thrilled to see the old pixelly graphics/text adventure games, though. I remember those! My friends and I fooled around with them in our junior high's computer lounge. "Kiss rock." "Eat elf." Ah, good times.)

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