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July 25th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I pulled "Magnificent 7-11" off ff.net. No, no one reported me or even hinted at it, but since it's a fic in script format I didn't feel like tempting fate...especially not after reading several "my story/account was deleted and I lost all my feedback" posts. I've got all the fic backed up (though it's the re-doing of all the formatting that's a pain), but I'd hate to lose the feedback.

I feel rather guilty about this fic, as I haven't touched it in about two months. I got a post recently on MagnificentAUs asking me what happened to it. Dang writer's block. I've got the ending written; it's the getting there from here that's the tricky part.

* * *

In one of my boxes yesterday, I came across set of inexpensive metal jewelry (pin, earrings, pendant) in the shape of the Batman logo...to my non-comics-reader eyes, it resembles the '60s TV-show logo.

Back in college, about ten years ago, my friend picked them up for me at a garage sale. She gave them to me, saying that she remembered I was a Batman fan. That puzzled me, as I never was a Batman fan, let alone inclined towards telling people that I was one. Which puzzled her, since she was sure I was. I kept them for sentimental value, but we never did figure that one out.

A decade later, now I know. She was prescient! :-)

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