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July 15th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Despite the fact that I love musicals and that Christian Bale's cute as the dickens in it, I found myself unable to watch Newsies in longer than fifteen-minute chunks. Watch, drift away, come back, rewind the bits I missed, watch, drift away, rinse, repeat. I started watching last night and didn't finish until this morning, and I'm pretty I saw all of it finally despite the rewinding and such.

I'm not certain it's entirely the movie's fault per se, as it's clearly geared towards a younger audience...but then again, so was, say, Mary Poppins, and I'll happily watch that again anytime.

* * *

Haven't been on LJ much lately...lurking on GAFF and princessmc instead.

Current Mood: cradle-robbing
Current Music: "By Yon Bonnie Banks," John McDermott

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