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June 3rd, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
No, honestly, that's sorta how I feel after each con. Sad that it's over; exhausted and wrung-out after five days of not quite three square meals a day and practically no sleep (I think I barely cracked a cumulative double digits for the latter this year); and positively flying from all the fun I've had, the people I've been with, and all the new stuff I now have to go check out.

We did get a room with one week to go, which was fabulous but which also meant I hadn't gotten much of my stuff ready. Ultimately, it still worked out very well. This was the first year I tried making/selling tins, and I brought in twenty-eight and sold all but seven, with about thirteen going on that first feeding-frenzy room-troll night. (The House one was the first to go!) This was particularly nice, because it meant that (aside from the first necessaries/snacks/sandwich fixings dash to Meijers which went on my card), I had enough cash to cover meals/gifts/merchandise (what little of the last I did buy--darn budget) for the entire con.

Also got some very kind comments on my sewing and even on my in-prog M7 fic (whee, readers!).

I came back with what is almost becoming my traditional post-con urge to go read MUNCLE fic and hunt for episodes. Blame it on the wonderful vids, the beautiful art, and the enticing zines.

A real blast to meet up with other M7 folks. Very fun people to hang around.

Missed a good half of the art show. You'd think I'd learn by now not to procrastinate. Auction was highly entertaining, though. Did not bid. Am proud of self.

Best part, of course, was as always...meeting old friends.

Current Music: "Magnificent Seven" theme

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