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May 25th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I've long thought that I don't covet art. That is, I love seeing it, but don't feel the need to own it. I'm happy knowing that, say, da Vinci's, or Dali's, or Escher's works simply exist somewhere in the world. I don't actually need to have them in my possession.

Until today. I came across a photo of Eric Hilton's insanely beautiful 1975 glass sculpture Innerland in a library book this afternoon and I'm in love. I could sit and stare at this thing for hours, and if I had the spare cash (in 1980 it was priced at a quarter-mil, no telling what it's worth now), I'd do just that.

I'm bummed that there are no photos of it online (nor can I find any info about its dimensions). This photo of Hilton's new sculpture Infinite Journey gives a bit of an idea, but imagine it with four times as many cubes, each intriciately sandblasted and/or engraved and/or filled with carefully-controlled bubbles, laid out in one big square, and you'll have some idea.

* * *

Con panic!

Half a day until I leave for Michigan. My new cloak has no clasp, my tins aren't finished, we're revisiting last year's door decoration...Aaaghh! At least I'm halfway packed.

Current Mood: panic!
Current Music: "So Into You," Atlanta Rhythm Section

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