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May 18th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
First Trek and now Star Wars...a busy week for the ending of massive franchises, isn't it?

It amuses me to see SW splashed all over CNN's site this morning, but when I stop to think of it, I can't come up with much else in terms of entertainment/culture iconicity that that comes close to the gargantuan scale that SW has. Elvis and/or the Beatles, maybe. So probably I shouldn't be so surprised.

I'm a moderate fan, I suppose; I've seen the original trilogy more times than I can count, sat through one marathon viewing, and went to the opening midnight showing of the enhanced Jedi (though I admit it was as much for the kick of going to an opening midnight showing as it was for the movie itself). My favorite movie-going experience of all time is still a campus showing of ANH in which the theater was jammed with several hundred people; from scene one it turned into an impromptu Rocky Horror-style viewing, with jokes, catcalls, and silly sound effects flying so thick you couldn't actually hear the movie. Still, I'm no SW aficionado. Never bought the merchandise, never followed it what you might call feverishly.

I was also deeply into TPM fandom for a while, but that was solely based on the lure of Q/O and the remainder of the movie was largely incidental. I actually disliked AOTC so much that, when I recently read a summary of the plot, I had no memory of any of it. So I'm not in any hurry to see ROTS. I will eventually, of course, because it's only the ending to the biggest movie series out there. But I can afford to wait 'til the rush dies down.

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Dammit, I'm never going to be able to keep up with House. Not only have I not yet seen last night's episode, I've also missed probably a third of the season, despite following this series from the beginning, because I've apparently gotten out of the habit of regular TV-viewing. I'm never around when it airs, and yet I regularly forget to set the VCR. I need TiVo.

Plus, the online discussion moves crazy fast. Between the Whiteboard at house_md and the forum at TWOP, last night's episode has generated close to 650 posts. And the episode only finished airing 19 hours ago. And my posting of the newpaper article maxed out the image server.

* * *

Loss of my regular-TV-viewing habit also means that I catch only about 1 in 4 Without a Trace first-runs/reruns. You'd think my Eric Close love would help me out there, but no.

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