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May 13th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
So, tomorrow will be the first day in eighteen years that there's no new Trek, eh? I find it only a little bit sad; I was a big fan of TOS, gave TNG, DS9, and VOY a try but just couldn't watch them, and never even bothered with Enterprise. I do remember the time when there was only one Trek, and one of my friends (who were all puzzled by my being a fan, but indulged me anyway) announcing excitedly to me at the bus stop one day that a new one was in the works. I was psyched for the start of TNG, and wound up sticking with it for not more than half a dozen episodes. There was something strangely cold and sterile about the later series that just put me off; and not even the presence of Scott Bakula, who I was a big fan of back in my Quantum Leap-fan days, could induce me to tune in for Enterprise.

So I'm not sad, exactly, to see it end tomorrow. (Though I am a bit alarmed to realize it's been eighteen years already. Somewhere in my diary there's an entry from me right around that time in which I complain about having to go do something for school on a Saturday, thus causing me to miss that day's rerun of TOS--I had been watching TOS for three years at that point, and still had not seen all the episodes, nor did my mom approve of SF enough to let me set the VCR.) Still, it's a bit odd to think of it.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Current Music: "A I Ever Wanted," Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley

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