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April 26th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I've seen similar sites, but this one has has a whole host of caps: Bad FOTR Captions is just what it sounds like: a sampling of the horrendous captioning that came with a bootleg version of FOTR. Funny, funny stuff. Don't eat or drink while reading, but if you must, then at least cover your keyboard.

* * *

M7 fics have a staggering proportion of AUs--I recently did a cursory check via the search function on one of the big archives, and out of the 900+ total fics found, about 40-45% are AUs. I'd love to see what the ratio is at blackraptor (3000+ fics), but there's no handy way to count there.

At any rate, "Borrowed Time" by Estevana Rey is one of the best. Unlike some of the more well-known M7 AUs (ATF, LB, etc.) this is a one-off, setting the boys in WWII as part of a B-17 crew. The writer's done research, and it shows. The basic premise may be borrowed but the execution of it is not, and the whole thing's a gripping read. Highly recommended.

Current Music: "The Magnificent Seven," Elmer Bernstein

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