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March 22nd, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
I mentioned here before that I'd been busy putting together and sending out care packages for soldiers in Iraq, using AnySoldier.com as my main source of info. At this point I've sent out three boxes. That was some learning experience, not the least of which was figuring out how to manhandle nearly 35 lbs. of boxes from my car to the post office. (A rogue shopping cart, as it turned out, came in handy.)

Anyway, yesterday I got a letter back from one of the contact soldiers! So I'm excited to know at least one of the boxes got there fine, especially since I sent them out a month ago and the letter took over two weeks to arrive.

I'll be doing it again at some point, but this time I'm going to recruit people to help me move boxes :-)

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I tossed a few Jeeves & Wooster icons up at indeedsir, it's House night tonight, and I've got a new stack of Bit of Fry and Laurie episodes to feverishly plow through. Whee!

I apparently have duelling Hugh-love at the moment (Laurie and Jackman), though my infatuation with the latter has been dimmed very slightly by my discovery that I find his character Curly from Oklahoma! a bit grating. That's probably tantamount to blasphemy in some circles, as he's so well-known (and rightly so) for that role, but inexplicably I rooted for Jud, not Curly. Or perhaps that's just because Shuler Hensley makes Jud so surprisingly sympathetic. I suppose I also got rattled a bit by the unusual filming choices. (Either have an audience throughout or not at all. If you strongly imply that an audience is present, then the absolute dead silence following jokes and whatnot is very jarring, and makes it look like your cast is failing miserably. But then again I'm likely spoiled by the superb filming of Into the Woods.) Ah well. That's my Unpopular Musical Theatre Opinion for the day.

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Current Music: "Meanwhile in Berkley Square," J&W soundtrack

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