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March 14th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Well, apparently all it takes to get me back into Jeeves & Wooster is for me to put the soundtrack on continuous loop for a weekend.

I just finished reading this and I've got to rec it: it's "Green Ice" by Adina, a marvelous crossover between the Lord Peter Wimsey and Jeeves novels. Not only does the author have Bertie's voice absolutely dead-on (the fic's written, of course, in Wodehouse's style), but she also has an interesting mystery and...best of all...believably hints at deeper things in Bertie's backstory. Anyone who can do that and make it work has me very impressed.

It isn't yet finished, but I'm eagerly awaiting the second half.

Current Music: "Meanwhile in Berkley Square," J&W soundtrack

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I've been hearing about this on LJ and other sites for the past few days, and I've tried reading various posts/comments, and only got so far before I had to stop. From heidi8's own post, it's clear she misunderstood the original request ("give a shout out" in no way implies "organize something educational/fundraisery"), which is a reasonable mistake, and that she will not help stem the ensuing tide of arguments, which is less reasonable.

But the long and the short of it, at the end of the day, is that there's a woman dying of cancer and her family needs financial help (and yes, I'm convinced it's real). Little battles over "etiquette" are being won, conceded, or deadlocked in the posts/comments. What am I missing here? Little battles are really the priority of some people? I went to www.4christina.org, I donated, I'll be passing on the word to my RL friends, and it took me all of three minutes.
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