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March 3rd, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Nestor Carbonell was on this week's House! I'm so thrilled to see him after The Tick and Century City both died speedy deaths. I think I only caught one episode of CC, so I have no particular opinion on it other than being sorry that both he and Ioan Gruffudd didn't get a steady series. (Well, and that the show had possibly the worst opening-credits graphics for a show in this decade.) I'm still quite bitter about The Tick, though. FOX, I'm glad you're not messing around with House, but please don't give me any reason to double my bitterness.

It was a good episode overall, though I think Carbonell was extremely underused; his role could have been played by anyone. Still, glad to see him in something new.

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I wish I could find a good alternative to ff.net, but it can be tough. Some fandoms have their own archives, lists, or LJs, but some don't. Often, it's the first place I go when I look for fic in a new fandom, although possibly that's my own fault for not searching harder for an alternate archive, although as I've said sometimes I just can't find one for certain fandoms.

Take Van Helsing. I haven't found any archives with more than three fics (often pointing back to ff.net), the various VH fic LJs/Yahoo groups are mostly-dead, and ff.net is the only place where I can find activity. So my VH fics go there. Same thing goes for LOTR, because there are, surprisingly, not that many good forums for LOTR gen (perhaps I'm not looking in the right places). I like the archive at Henneth Annun, but it has a specific purpose, and it's not always what I'm looking for.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there's a place to go, but what is it with certain ff.net idosyncracies, such as not allowing you to put a "/" character in your summaries or titles? What's with cutting any letter repeated three times in comments, which I understand can cut down on "woooooooow"-type comments and some URLs, but renders other more-restrained exclamations illegible? Not providing you any way to trial your formatting, which, given that ff.net only allows minimal html and cuts out anything "superfluous" (such as multiple blank lines, centering, asterisks, etc.), is sorely needed, since it can screw with your formatting something fierce? Especially since it's slow at updating, which means your fic could sit there incorrectly-formatted for hours before you find out (guess what happened to me again today).

And it really doesn't allow for much back-and-forth when it comes to feedback. I got an interesting one back today for "The Ballad of the Second Son," in which the reviewer said she wasn't sure the rhyme scheme worked so well. I have to say, I've been writing poetry since '92 and that's the first time I've gotten that critique, so naturally I'd like to ask her more about what she thought. But the review page isn't a forum, and since there's no e-mail listed for the reviewer, I'm out of luck. (Note to reviewers: there's no such thing as getting too specific in your critiques!)

What did I do before ff.net existed? I think I always had the luck of writing in fandoms that had big archives and active forums, and/or I wrote for zines. Initially, my posts to ff.net were made with the view that ff.net was "just another" spot to x-post a story, but with VH and LOTR gen it's actually become the main place to post.

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