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February 21st, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Wanted to point people towards the wonderful website that is AnySoldier.com. To quote from the site:

Want to send your support to Any Soldier in Harm's Way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?

Doesn't the government give the soldiers everything they need?...First, define 'need'. Does your employer give you everything you need to do your job? Then why did you buy that briefcase, that laptop, that day planner, that space heater, that lava lamp? You get the picture, you got those things to make your job easier or better.

It gives you all you need to know about sending letters or care packages to soldiers in the US armed forces. I've never done anything like this before, and so far (finding out what's needed, buying supplies, packing it, getting it to the PO) it's worked out fine.

All letters/packages go directly to the soldiers, without stopping at a middleman along the way. That's one of the things that makes this site so great. The soldiers are volunteer contacts, and they'll receive what you send and distribute it to soldiers who don't receive much mail.

It's really not about whether you support the war or not; it's simply about supporting the men and women who are out there pulling tough duty in the service of their country.

I've sent three boxes (about 30 lbs. of stuff total) to Iraq, and though it's too early for them to have reached their destinations yet, I'm already looking forward to doing another round of this.
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I rarely ever write my stories or poems in order from start to finish...I assemble them like jigsaw puzzles, with a line here at the ending, and another three lines two scenes previous, and then maybe I'll wander back up to the start...

"To Sleep," for instance, was probably the most severe case of this, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the story is told non-linearly. Even within a single scene, I hardly wrote three sentences in sequence. It's not even as though I've got an outline and I'm filling it in; I've just got placeholders everywhere. I'll come up with a line and I know it has to go about three paragraphs down from what I've last written, and then I'll often write backwards from that new line to meet up with where I left off.

What this all goes to mean is that I don't post WIPs. I can't do it, because my writing method means that, until I finish the entire story, I have just as many placeholders in the early parts of the story as I do near the ending. Sometimes the opening scene is the last thing I write.

But never say never, because now I'm posting a WIP. And I have no idea where the story's headed. It was pretty much unplanned; I was actually working on a different story, one with a...ahem...real plot, and got stalled at a logic hole. This distraction was the result. It's just a light and frothy thing; no intricate plotlines here.

Whether it crashes and burns remains to be seen, but it's been quite fun so far to push myself to write like this.

The Title is Subject To Change
Fandom: Van Helsing
Rating: PG
Summary: Carl and Van Helsing have a few adjustments to make as they head back to Rome. Picks up where the movie left off...well, no. Not precisely. Did I mention it's light and frothy?

Chapter I: Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge
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