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February 16th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
...I'm starting to think it might be a touch too dark for me. I like dark, but probably not this flavor. I'll qualify that I don't have much info to go on--my musings brought to you by this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly--so I don't have a definitive opinion yet, but the bit of violence and some of the concepts described aren't something I'm sure I want to spend my nine bucks on, and the few costumes featured don't seem to be so much elaborate as overdone.

But I can also see how, out of context, a short action bit and costumes just might not work.

Clive Owen's long leather coat looks pretty neat though, and I think I kind of like his hair that way. Jessica Alba, however, who I usually think is very attractive, isn't done any favors by coloring of her hair/makeup. The FX process intrigues me (shades of Sky Captain), but FX alone won't get me into the theater.

Still, could Robert Rodriguez be any cooler?
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