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January 31st, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Netscape has crashed and eaten this post twice. Arrgh.

* * *

I was all, "Why am I all of a sudden getting a load of new comments on a post I made back in November?" Only to find that daily_snitch had mentioned my Rant on Run-On Sentences. (I'm not in HP fandom, so I'm not familiar with that comm.) Don't know who mentioned it to them, but thanks, because people had some interesting (and I mean that sincerely) comments, prompting me to take another look at something I hadn't thought about in a while.

* * *

Too many fandoms, too little time. Couple of days ago I d/l'd several clips of Hugh Jackman hosting/performing at the Tonys. I was just curious, I thought. A clip or seven won't hurt me, I thought. Holy cow, now I know why he won Best Actor in a Musical, and why he's hosted back-to-back years. I'd heard before that the man could sing (though I hadn't actually listened to him), but he does more than that: he owns the stage when he's on it. The Boy from Oz isn't my type of musical, but what he does with "Not the Boy Next Door" almost makes me wish it were. Must...not...get involved in Hugh Jackman fandom...

Plus, my Michael Ball fascination is flaring up again (I have my doubts about the orchestration behind "Tell Me It's Not True," but he soars through every note and by the end I honestly no longer care that the orchestration doesn't sound like it's quite in context) and he's getting nonstop rotation in my car. And then I'm seeing mentions of The Young Ones and Rik & Ade in unexpected places and it's tempting me to go dig out my tapes and watch them all over again...Sheesh, I haven't even let my newly-revived LOTR love run its course...

* * *

Pet peeve of the day: DVDs with menus so filled with flashing graphics--I'm talking the kind that look like they're in danger of inducing seizures--that I can hardly even see what item I have highlighted or which way my cursor is moving. If your interface gives me headaches, it's no fun to go through your features. From Hell and Van Helsing, I'm looking at you

Current Music: "Tell Me It's Not True," Michael Ball

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