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January 9th, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
The P-40, she is finished. So I've finally managed to complete my first model plane (the badly-joined NCC-1701 I essayed years ago doesn't count).

Here's a few pics. The color doesn't come across exactly right; it's a nice warm pewter color, matte matellic, and I'm quite happy with it.

I made the prop from scratch, as the one that came with the kit was a two-bladed thing that wasn't right at all.

Side shot. No landing gear on this baby because I just didn't like the look, but a stand will do in a pinch.

Three-quarter shot, or something like it anyway. The side shot foreshortens the wings, so you get a better idea of them here. Wingspan is 16". I'd much prefer the 32", but not for a first-time project.

Head-on, guns a-blazin'. The prop can actually turn, but not as smoothly as I'd like, even after several hours' work. If I get disgruntled enough with it, I'll give it another go it at a later date.

In-progress shots here.

Current Mood: accomplished

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