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January 3rd, 2005 - ldhenson — LiveJournal
Well, I had this very lengthy post about ROTK:EE typed out, and just as I got near the end...the computer ate it.

Stupid computer.

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Let's see if I can re-create this post.

I'll say it straight off: I'm much fonder of the first two films in this trilogy than I am of the third. Don't get me wrong; it's still an incredible movie, but it doesn't have the same grip on me that FOTR and--even more--TTT do. ROTK contains some fantastic sequences--the introduction to Minas Tirith, Faramir's ride from and back to Osgiliath, the Mûmakil, to name a few--and yet as a whole it doesn't seem to hang together as well as it might; its good scenes feel often undercut by an unfortunately high number of weaker ones.

If I had to point to one major culprit, it would be the pacing; more specificially, the profusion of slo-mo shots. Used properly, no other visual device gets me teary-eyed faster; over-used, it makes me fidget and glance at my watch. Slo-mo during the battle at the Black Gate and the destruction of the Ring went straight into my chest--but the remainder of the film is practically nothing but slo-mo from there on out. I can see why; every event in the wrap-up is a momentous one, but when one has so many momentous scenes clumped together they can't all be shown using the same device. So it builds to a rather absurd cumulative level of slo-mo, and rather than enhancing what's happening on-screen it quickly proves instead a distraction that increases with every passing minute. The upshot? The deep emotion in most of the wrap-up feels very forced. Had they let the action play more naturally, with judicious--and sparing--use of slo-mo employed throughout, no doubt I would have been able to buy right into the drama.

It would also have left more room for some of the deleted scenes. That's the second half of my gripe.

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Currently watching the 56,231 hours of extras on the ROTK:EE.

The "Cameras in Middle-Earth" bit in the Shire? Oh lord, funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm still wiping away the tears.

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