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The No. 9 Duane Street Register.

Yes, this is the No. 9 Duane Street Register, because I haven't yet found a guestbook script I like.

You don't have to be a LiveJournal user to leave a comment. Just click on "Post a new comment" and select "Anonymous" when the comment box appears.

Then cut and paste the following into the comment box and fill it out. HTML is allowed. We won't even ask if it's your real name.

E-mail, website:
Newsies fan, history buff, both, neither?
Dinner or just a bed?
How was your visit to the Lodging House?
Any questions you'd like to see answered?

Back to No. 9 Duane Street.

Sep. 1, 2012 edit: Temporarily locking comments to this post thanks to spambots. If you'd like to contact me about the No. 9 Duane Street site, send me e-mail at lynnedhenson @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces).

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